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Stop thinking.
Start selling.

Imagine waking up everyday knowing what to do and how to do it. Let our software serve as your 90-Day Sales Manager™ by holding you accountable to your daily sales & marketing activities.

Built for salespeople in these industries:

Tired of not feeling motivated? being productive? reaching potential? following-through?

There's a better way!

"Everybody competes harder when there's a scoreboard."

Dr. Bruce Lund
Founder & Director

How We Help You Win!

Set Your Goals

...and we'll create a 90-day sales plan to keep you on track.

Follow the System

...and our software gives you daily sales & marketing suggestions.

Commit to Training

...and our online academy will level-up your knowledge & skill.

Organize and Grow your Database

Integrate accountability into your current CRM.

Our accountability software integrates with most CRMs. And our team is available to help you make the connection and get setup.

- or -

Use our built-in CRM at no additional cost.

We’ve developed a first-in-class CRM, complete with artificial intelligence, email automation, and much more. Learn more about it.

Yes! Give me the accountability coaching I need to be a highly effective salesperson.

90-Day Sales Manager™


monthly (no contracts)

Accountable to be highly effective! exceed your goals! be more productive!  reach your potential! do the work!

Salespeople with great coaching and accountability outperform those who don’t by 3-5x. Let us serve as your 90-Day Sales Manager™

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