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Stop thinking.
Start selling.

Imagine waking up everyday knowing what to do in your business, and how to do it. We’ve developed the only CRM with built-in sales accountability. Let our software serve as your 90-Day Sales Manager.

Built for salespeople in the competitive industries of:

Tired of not feeling motivated? being productive? reaching potential? following-through?

There's a better way!

"Everybody competes harder when there's a scoreboard."

Dr. Bruce Lund
Founder & Director

What Happens When You Signup?

Get onboarded into our system in just minutes.

Step 1

Set Your Sales Plan

Once you set your production number our software will tell the sales & marketing activities needed to hit your sales goal. Need help? Watch our 90-Day Sales Planning course inside your training platform.

Estimated time to completion? 3-minutes

Step 2

Organize Your Database

Import your contacts and immediately start to organize your database week-by-week into our proven selling system. 

Estimated time to completion? 5-minutes.

Step 3

Follow the System

Fill in your weekly vision board, record your daily activities, and our AI will give suggestions to be more productive in your business.

Estimated time to completion? 15-minutes daily. 

Step 4

Commit to Training

100+ courses on sales, service, marketing, and mindset. Weekly LIVE accountability calls hosted by Dr. Bruce with Q&A. Monthly LIVE industry expert interviews. 

All sessions are recorded. New content added weekly.

FAQ: Is this mainly a CRM? Yes & No...

The main function of our software is to be accountable to a system.

Integrate accountability into your current CRM.

Our accountability software integrates with most CRMs. And our team is available to help you make the connection and get setup.

- or -

Use our built-in CRM at no additional cost.

We’ve developed a first-in-class CRM, complete with artificial intelligence, email automation, and much more. Learn more about it.

Yes! Give me the accountability I need to become a highly effective salesperson.

90-Day Sales Manager™
All-in-one software for just


monthly (no contracts)

*does not include coaching bootcamp.

Want One-to-One Accountability?

90-Day Sales Manager™ PRO
1:1 Accountability Coach


monthly (no contracts)

*must subscribe to and use 90-Day Sales Manager™ accountability software

Weekly 20-minute one-to-one coaching will keep you focused on what's most important.

We pair you with a certified 90-Day Sales productivity coach in your industry based on your production or experience level.

Our science-backed coaching will get you clarity on your most important work, and the behaviorial sciences to get it done.

It’s like having someone in your business life whose only job is to keep you focused on high value activities each week. 

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you complete 80% of your daily training and sales activities over the course of 90-days and aren’t satisfied, then we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

100% Tax Deductible

What’s better than growing your knowledge, skill, desire, and confidence? Well, nothing is better than that. The fact that this program is 100% tax-deductible is one heck of a bonus though.

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