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Mortgage Team Coaching for Credit Unions & Banks

Award-winning program for mortgage loan officers. Includes custom CRM with built-in accountability, and curriculum-based coaching with Dr. Bruce.

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Mortgage Executives Endorse 90-Day Sales Manager

What's Included

CRM + Coaching + Accountability = Success


Our flagship training program follows a 90-day curriculum. 


Weekly LIVE coaching with Dr. Bruce and 24/7 coach-on-call.


Easy-to-use and implement CRM tied to our coaching systems.

How it Works

We've made team onboarding and buy-in simple.

1. Schedule Strategy Call

If the program is a fit for your team we'll choose your start date and coordinate your LIVE kickoff with Dr. Bruce. Schedule call.

2. Receive Materials

We'll ship training materials to your headquarters to distribute at kickoff. This includes the program workbook and 90-day sales planner. Can also ship directly to your participants' home address.

3. Kickoff with Dr. Bruce

Dr. Bruce will fly to your home office for a half-day kickoff to build excitement with your team, preferably the week before your start. Virtual kickoff options are available for remote participants.

4. Software Onboarding

Your account executive will host an online Zoom with your team to overview the CRM and help each loan officer get started in three easy steps.

5. Start the Program

Once preprogram is completed you'll receive weekly LIVE coaching with Dr. Bruce for 12-weeks on Mondays along with training videos Tuesday thru Friday. Weekends are off aside from planning.

Accountable CRM is now included with your signup!

The only mortgage CRM with built-in accountability that tracks your teams production.

Bootcamp Curriculum

150+ video modules (5-mins or less) along with companion workbook.

Orientation / Kickoff (90-mins)

Create a 90-Day Sales Plan and Organize your Database

Week 0: Timeblock Mastery (15 modules)

How to Be More Productive in the First 4 Hours of Your Day

Weeks 1 & 2 for Habit 1 (30 modules)

How To Turn Your Beliefs and Unique Value into Money

Weeks 3 & 4 for Habit 2 (30 modules)

How to Be Proactive and Productive In Prospecting

Weeks 5 & 6 for Habit 3 (30 modules)

How to Follow Up Like a Pro to Close More Deals

Weeks 7 & 8 for Habit 4 (30 modules)

How to Onboard New Clients and Gain Referrals for Life

Weeks 9 & 10 for Habit 5 (30 modules)

How to Create a World-Class Marketing Machine

Week 11: Confidence (15 modules)

How to Gain the Confidence to Withstand Sales

Week 12: Graduation (15 modules)

Certification from the 90-Day Sales Coaching Program

Manager Tools

We'll work directly with managers including train the trainer materials for breakouts.

But don't just take our word for it!

Credit Union and Bank Loan Officers Who Endorse 90-Day Sales Manager

“60 days into the program and I already had my biggest month.”

Fabbiana Progar


“I would have to credit 90-Day Sales for my strong start in the industry.”

Chad Nash

Real Estate

“After going through the program, my business has dramatically increased.”

Chad Humphrey


“To give you some results, it’s my second best year in my career.”

Sean Gross


Team Coaching and Accountability

Get started right away so your team can be our next success story.

90-Day Sales Bootcamp

Save 25% now!

12-Month Annual Plan

Company Case Studies

Company Case Studies


We’ve had teams as small as two and as large as 65 complete the program. Teams with 10+ participants get exclusive coaching with just their group while teams with less than 10 are invited to join our quarterly bootcamp with other teams of similar size from all over the country.

The program works for any production or experience level. We’ve had literally brand-new loan officers become rookie of the year producers and $150 million dollar producers who are still in our alumni program. 

Your membership starts immediately and lasts all the way through the end of your bootcamp unless you signup for our annual coaching special for 12-month access. It’s our goal to be your ongoing coach + CRM for life. Our success is truly tied to your success.

Our Accountable CRM is a free add-on to the overall program value that we’ve slowly developed over five years, but not required. Consider it a test-drive that most of our bootcamp users love because it’s tied directly to our proprietary selling system.

It works for any mortgage team. That said, 90-Day Sales has really taken off in the credit union and banking space for many reasons, including our easy-to-use CRM since most don’t already have a mortgage specific CRM.

Timing is never “perfect” when it comes to an entire team. There are always disruptions such as vacations or holidays. We record all LIVE sessions and work with participants to help them get caught up if they miss.

We have quarterly loan officer bootcamps so you new hires can join any future bootcamp at our team/enterprise pricing.

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