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We are a different kind of sales training - one where intensity and positivity meet daily accountability to guarantee increased productivity.

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“90-Day Sales is miracle grow for business!”

Kirstina Rowland
Regional Vice President - Primerica

Guaranteed growth in production.

We help companies onboard new hires swiftly, refine existing producers rapidly, grow entire teams efficiently, and captivate audiences greatly.

For new hires

Onboard swiftly

Accelerate your new hires over 90-days even if they lack experience, leads, or a book of clients.

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For experienced

Refine rapidly

Polish and refine your current talent over 90-days to achieve new levels of production.

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For managers

Grow efficiently

Train your entire team together to establish cohesion through a unified selling system.

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For events

Captivate greatly

Delight your attendees with our a world-class presentations tailored around your event.

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Sales training for all producers.

Success Stories

“I got a ton of value figuring out how I differentiate myself.”

Jerad Larkin
Title Agent - Chicago Title


My business has dramatically increased. The reason 90-days sales is different than all the other coaching programs is it transformed my mindset to play at a different level. Change usually isn’t sustainable as most resort back to bad habits, but what this program does over an intense 90-day proces...

Loan Officer - On-Q-Financial
Graduated Q1 2018

"Bruce’s 90-Day Sales program is PHENOMENAL. I joined his program to help leverage my own sales training. I went through it with three of my sales agents, and we came out more skilled in our follow-up systems and working with our top advocates. The best part was being able to dig deep into why w...

Real Estate Agent - Keller Williams Realty
Graduated Q3 2017

I’ve never had a program jumpstart my business more than 90-Day Sales. I got to meet incredible people and test my abilities. This program really stretched me. I was a little uncomfortable at first, but as I got better it got easier. I swear by Bruce. I swear by his program...

Account Executive - First American Title
Graduated Q1 2018

The program wasn’t just a real estate sales training program, but actually a mindset shift as a true entrepreneur and how to use my time most effectively. I’m going on my 8th closing in my first five months. I will credit 90-day sales with my strong start to the industry hands-down, bar none....

Real Estate Agent - REMAX Alliance
Graduated Q1 2018

The 90-Day Sales team helped take my business to the next level, gain momentum, and focus on the whole sales process. I loved the dedication, passion and commitment from Bruce and his team. I did not only become a better and more efficient salesperson, but grew on a p...

Account Executive - Canyon Title Company
Graduated Q4 2018

90-Day Sales is miracle grow for business. Every person I know who has gone through this program is blowing up their business....

Regional Vice President - Primerica
Graduated Q3 2017

If you’re looking for a smart, talented, energetic visionary to empower your sales team look no further than Bruce Lund with 90 Say Sales Manager. Bruce is a strategic out of the box thinker who has created a must have training system for salespeople to find their unique voice in the market.

Sales Manager - Finance of America Mortgage
Graduated Q1 2018

The whole 90 Day Sales Manager team is awesome!

The content is interesting and way more thought out than other coaching programs.

Bruce is not a coach reiterating the obvious, he helped me think outside the box and dig deep to what I really have to offer as a mortgage l...

Mortgage Loan Originator - Merrill Lynch
Graduated Q4 2017

Your course has allowed me to look at my business, lead generation, and follow up systems with a different and renewed perspective. I feel much more aligned with my unique offering in the “commoditized” space that I am in. Thank you for the hard work and tremendou...

Mortgage Loan Officer - Elevations Credit Union
Graduated Q1 2018

"Having worked in financial services for over 10 years, I was excited to see what 90-Day Sales could do for my business. Bruce helped breakdown deeper obstacles that were holding me back, and obtain a fresh outlook and confidence. Wherever you are in your career, it’s never too late to make sure y...

Wealth Partner - Executive Wealth Management
Graduated Q2 2017

Since meeting Bruce in December of 2016, I made $167,000 in 2016 and my YTD as of December of this year is $345,000. I formally took his 90-Day Sales program in the fourth quarter of 2017, but he’s been coaching me the entire year with weekly phone calls and meeting...

Loan Consultant/Sales Manager - loanDepot
Graduated Q4 2017

"The 90-day sales program has had a tremendously positive impact on my business. Bruce helped show us how to focus on high value activities that have helped me to grow my business, I have the confidence now to get out there and go for it! Bruce’s knowledge and expertise are hands down top notch. ...

Sales Executive - Chicago Title
Graduated Q3 2017

I signed up for Bruce's 90 day Sales Manager last fall and was immediately energized and focused on my process for building my database, making calls and generating leads. In this short period of time I was able to close 6 transactions and was #6 producer in my firm for the month of January. I would...

Real Estate Agent - Your Castle
Graduated Q4 2017

I love your program. My father was a high level executive for years. He started out as a sales representative, and embraced the teachings of Jack and Garry Kinder, John Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Steven Covey, and the list goes on. I hear in your program echoes of what he has promulgated his entire career...

Mortgage Loan Officer - American Pacific Mortgage
Graduated Q2 2018

This program is Ninja Selling on STEROIDS. Within the first 90-days we had $5 million dollars of NEW business in the pipeline just from implementing two new strategies and three months after graduation we have doubled our GCI. We have signed up for the ongoing alumni ...

Real Estate Agent - Colorado Home Realty
Graduated Q4 2017

The 90-Day Sales program helped me tap into my “why” of being an originator during a time when I was contemplating leaving mortgage. The final month of the program I had the best producing month of my career in a November of all months, and, even better, I’ve co...

Senior Mortgage Loan Officer - Loan Simple
Graduated Q3 2017

This program is great for any realtors at any stage of their careers. 90-Day Sales has given me a completely different mindset entering into phone calls and face-to-face meetings which has grown both my confidence and my business in my 7

Lorri Delaney

Real Estate Agent - Coldwell Banker
Graduated Q1 2018

"Being a rookie Loan Officer comes with a lot of anxiety and stress.  With the 90-Day Sales platform, I have been able to put a ton of structure and productivity into my day.  Not only has my short-term production increased during the program, but I have been able to put together processes to ensu...

Loan Officer - American Pacific Mortgage
Graduated Q3 2017

"Bruce is extremely knowledgeable in the sales process. His education and professional experiences in addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly materials make this sales program top notch. Bruce was dedicated to my success; he set proper expectations; he was available when I had questions or needed...

Wealth Advisor - Executive Wealth Management
Graduated Q4 2017

"I've worked with Bruce for nearly two years. I find his approach to be very detailed and professional. Bruce has the heart of a teacher, and brings his PhD background to the sales coaching world. He is precise and on point with his sales message. He provides company leaders with reporting tools to ...

Owner - Elam Real Estate
Former Client

90-Day Sales creates a boost in production and a different way of thinking.  As a sales professional it’s easy to have the ideas, but until you follow-thru with them there's no improvement. This program forces you to be accountable on a daily basis. This leads to an immediate increase in sales. ...

Branch Manager - Fairway Mortgage
Graduated Q3 2017

Bruce Lund and 90 Day Sales is the first place I recommend for anyone in sales that is looking to effectively grow their business. It's great and unique because, unlike many one size fits all approaches, Bruce's training pulls from a variety of sources to help each person develop their own style tha...

Branch Manager - American Pacific Mortgage
Graduated Q2 2018

"Bruce's sales philosophy, coaching methods and mentorship program has changed how we view building relationships and growing a business. His coaching approach and the perspective he applies is unique and is what sets him apart from other coaches throughout the country. If you're someone that has th...

Area Manager - Fairway Mortgage
Graduated Q4 2017

This is my second best year in my 17-year career during a time of a lot of unknowns about the industry. I also had my second most productive month in terms of meetings and appointments scheduled in my career. The best part is I haven’t had to make a single phone call since graduating from the prog...

Loan Officer
Graduated Q1 2018

Bruce does an amazing job at making sure you are being held accountable. I feel like this is the biggest hurdle for any younger professional. I know it was for me. During the program, you get in a really great habit of using the planner on a daily basis by tracking go...

Financial Advisor - Financial Solutions Midwest
Graduated Q1 2018

I’ve taken the 90-Day Sales course multiple times and am now in the Alumni group. I can’t speak highly enough about Bruce, his teachings, and how impactful his class has been for me. This program encouraged me to add powerful new systems, such as articulating how I differentiate myself in the in...

Loan Officer - Megastar Financial
Graduated Q2 2018

I had the opportunity to take Bruce's 90 Day Sales training during the 4th quarter of 2017. This class opened my eyes professionally to so many new opportunities that I didn't know existed for me. I was able to meet many influential professionals, hone in on my unique skill set, and create systems t...

Licensed Realtor - Kentwood Real Estate
Graduated Q4 2017

The key to sales is having a system and plan, and that’s really what Bruce provides in this program. For new or experienced loan officers, you really can’t replace having a good plan in place and knowing what your action steps are going to be each day. The 90-Day Sales™ program really helped m...

Branch Manager - AmeriFirst Financial
Graduated Q1 2018

The 90 Day Sales Training class was exactly what I needed!  Bruce’s progress and accountability focused training is like none of the traditional real estate training classes.  His class enabled me to leverage my previous training and experience to build my differe...

Real Estate Agent - Sellstate Realty Pros
Graduated Q4 2017

90-Day Sales was instrumental in helping me regain focus and inspiration for my work. I learned to create an amazing opportunity statement that attracts like-minded individuals to want to work with me. In 3-months I increased my business from an average of 5 closings per month to 17 in May. As a br...

Branch Manager - Nova Home Loans
Graduated Q1 2018

"This program gave me the confidence I lacked when asking for business. In addition to the online platform, Bruce made himself available for one-to-one coaching throughout. 90-Day Sales developed my Explanation of Services, which pushed me to get in front of as many people as possible. As a result, ...

Mortgage Loan Originator - Fairway Independent Mortgage
Graduated Q2 2017

This program was a huge blessing as a brand-new loan officer to help with the stress and confusion of the business. I didn’t have any consistency coming into the program, and just 60-days in I had my biggest month ever and have only continued to build my business from there with monthly consistenc...

Loan Officer - AmeriFirst Financial
Graduated Q4 2017