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Friday Start • 6-Weeks Total

Hosted by Dr. Bruce Lund

Minimum groups or teams of 10 people.

Master the 5-Habits of Top Producers

The 45-Day Challenge is a condensed down version of our widely popular 90-Day Sales program while teaching you the 5-Habits of Highly-Effective Salespeople.

Sales Accountability

Our 90-Day Sales accountability Software (SaaS) will hold you accountable to your daily sales & marketing goals. You’ll be expected to record your daily activities tied to our selling system.

Group Coaching

Get direct access to Dr. Bruce LIVE weekly for 60-mins. The 45-day challenge will kick off on the Friday of your choice. Then every Monday your team will go through the curriculum outlined below.

Program Expectations

Each week you will submit your weekly sales plan and our SaaS will track your progress. You’ll reset at zero every single day. Complete 80% of your daily sales & marketing activities and we’ll guarantee an increase in your performance, productivity, and pipeline.

Shipped To You!

You’ll receive our patented 90-Day Sales Planner and QuickRead Books. Each user will also receive their own login to access our SaaS and virtual training platform with 100 training videos. Materials are shipped in a box to your door

What's Covered

Kick Off = 90-Day Sales Plan
Week 1 = 4-Hour Workday
Week 2 = Opportunity Statement
Week 3 = Perfect Your Prospecting
Week 4 = Follow-up-to-Close
Week 5 = New Client Onboarding
Week 6 = Status Sells Marketing

We believe trained salespeople outperform untrained. Every time.

Sales is a game of probability. Our coaching program teaches you how to increase your odds of winning by improving your sales, marketing, and mindset.

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Specialized training in these industries:

An intense, but positive coaching program.

90-Day Sales Manager is a 12-week master course on how to explain and sell on your unique value, perfect your prospecting and follow-up, onboard and retain clients, create a world-class brand, and own your confidence. 

Learn strategy from industry experts
Gain the confidence to sell your value
Join a community of like-minded producers
Implement tools and resources to win

90-Day Curriculum


90-Day Sales Plan

Week 0

4-Hour Work Day

Weeks 1 & 2

Turn Your Pitch into Money

Weeks 3 & 4

Proactive Prospecting

Weeks 5 & 6

Follow-up to Close

Weeks 7 & 8

New Client Onboard

Weeks 9 & 10

Status Sells Marketing

Week 11

Course in Confidence

Week 12


That's 15 hours of virtual training content over 90-days!

Plus group accountability sessions with certified coaches (see pricing).

A highly-effective selling system you'll actually want to use.

We believe money follows activity. During our 12-week master course, we teach you our unique selling system that is designed to increase your activity and grow your pipeline by 33% each quarter. And we give you the tools to implement and execute in your own business.

Accountability for your growth goals, baked right in.

Accountability makes you more likely to reach your goals — 95% more, in fact, if you meet regularly with your accountability partners. That’s why we’ve built accountability right into our program and reporting tools. Hold yourself accountable or join an accountability group (see pricing).

But don't just take our word for it!

Producers and companies all over the nation endorse our program.

“60 days into the program and I already had my biggest month.”

Fabbiana Progar


“I would have to credit 90-Day Sales for my strong start in the industry.”

Chad Nash

Real Estate

“After going through the program, my business has dramatically increased.”

Chad Humphrey


“To give you some results, it’s my second best year in my career.”

Sean Gross


Our training curriculum and selling system takes the guesswork out of growing your business.

Let us serve as your 90-Day Sales Manager!

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