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Sales Manager Coach

Get custom coaching that best fits your needs as a salesperson, manager, or executive. Dr. Bruce will help you reach your full potential faster through science-based performance coaching.


Sales Manager Coach

We pair you with a certified productivity coach in your industry based on your production or experience level.

Our science-backed coaching will get you clarity on your most important work, and the behaviorial sciences to get it done.

It’s like having someone in your business life whose only job is to keep you focused on high value activities each week. 

Benefits of being a 90-Day Sales Manager Certified Coach

Turn your passion for coaching into additional income.

The fastest way to mastery is by teaching others.

Be part of a supportive and passionate community.

Become a better leader in your current manager position.

Trained people always outperform untrained.

Dr. Bruce has coached thousands of salespeople and managers for over a decade. His workshops are consistently ranked in the top 1% by attendees and organizers. Associations love his message because it’s applicable to all industries. Companies love his content because it’s perfect for all experience levels.

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