Our Beliefs

Let's align with our beliefs.

Our training beliefs are the cornerstone that shape everything we do. We believe that through alignment in core beliefs, strong partnerships can be formed.

Our Program
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Our Beliefs

Our beliefs

We believe trained people always outperform untrained people. Through a great coach and accountability, we believe you can reach increased levels of production in just 90-days.

Top producers, regardless of industry, all have great coaches, mentors, trainers, and teachers who have helped them get to where they are - especially early in their careers.

90-Day Sales™ is a training company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs in commoditized industries sell their competitive advantage. We guarantee increased productivity through our daily accountability married to the 5-Habits of Highly Effective Salespeople.

We believe training should be intense yet positive. The intensity of our program comes from daily accountability, while the positivity comes from focusing on progress over perfection.

Our program consistently doubles production for new hires, and has proven to increase productivity for experienced professionals and top producers.

Success Stories
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The Visionary

About Bruce

For over a decade, Dr. Bruce Lund has trained thousands of professionals all over the country.

His coaching journey began as a 25-year old career author and speaker to young professionals. Bruce earned a PhD in Human Performance at age 29, and was hired as program director and professor in the Texas A&M System.

He was then recruited back into corporate America as Director of Sales for a top entrepreneur coaching business. The company tripled revenue under Bruce's leadership, growing to a multi-million dollar coaching business in less than two years. During this time, Bruce was also in charge of coaching top producers all over the country as lead business trainer in real estate, mortgage, title, insurance, and financial services.

Bruce takes pride in his versatility of coaching top one-percenters, brand-new salespeople, and everything in-between. He does this through a "heart of a teacher" approach using his PhD in behavioral science to accelerate business growth in a fun, dynamic way.

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Humble Brag Timeline

Drag the red dot to each stage of Bruce's life to learn more.

Age 24: Became a graduate teaching assistant at Middle Tennessee University.
Age 25: Started writing first book.
Age 27: Began speaking to young professionals all over the country on career success.
Age 29: Finished PhD in Human Performance.
Age 30: Professor and program director in the Texas A&M system.
Age 31: Transitioned back into corporate America as Vice President while also coaching top producers in real estate, mortgage, title, insurance, and financial services.
Age 32: Grew revenue over 100% into a seven-figure coaching business as VP of Sales.
Age 33: Launched 90-Day Sales Manager which has become one of the fastest growing sales training programs in the country.
Age 35: Build a 90-Day Sales movement for entrepreneurs focused on IMPACT.