Are You Asking for Enough Business?

We often get what we want in life by doing one simple thing—ASKING for it. Asking for more responsibility. Asking for more expansion. Asking for something bigger in life. In sales, we should always be asking for more business. We ask our training participants to make these four asks every

Why Challengers Produce More

There’s a misconception in sales that the “relationship-builder” is king. However, there’s sales research that shows that it’s actually the challenger style of selling that consistently produces more than all types of sales professionals. That’s because challengers know they are experts and aren’t afraid to call people on their fluff
5 Missing Gaps Blog

Missing Structures in Your Business

Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of coaching top producers from all walks of life. First as a career/author speaker to young professions. Next as a business professor in the Texas A&M system. Now as an entrepreneur trainer to producers ranging from one deal to $100+ million-dollars in
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Sales is a Game of Probability

Probability in Sales When you study probability, you learn that anything can happen at any time. However, those who are most successful during long-periods of time have a disciplined focus. Since college football is right around the corner, let’s use them as an example. The reason the University of Alabama

The BEST of the NEXT

NEXTPERT Concepts Anniversary My entire life I’ve always been attracted to successful people, but at age 25 I became almost fanatical in my professional development. I studied dozens of thought leaders, and decided to write a book about the themes and philosophies learned. A couple years later, the book was
Free Prize Inside

What’s Your Free Prize?

Find, Package, and Sell Your Special The last ingredient of a “Person of Influence” is the free prize inside. This is a concept made popular by marketing genius Seth Godin over ten years ago. A free prize inside is something you get “in addition to” the transaction that you were
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Becoming a Person of Influence

10 Ingredients of a Person of Influence During the last article, we taught why “status sells” and introduced the person of influence assessment. The reason we should all aspire to become a person of interest in our industry, and elevate our status in the market is so we can influence
Status Sells

Why I Believe Status Sells

How Attractive is Your Personal Brand? Most salespeople are taught to chase business vs. attract it. Sales advice, especially early on, is filled with platitudes such as “get your name out there” or “hand out as many business cards as possible.” Neither of which positions you as a must-have expert
Close More Deals

Tired of Missing Deals?

When I don’t get a call back during the follow-up process or I lose a deal it tells me one thing—my status isn’t where it needs to be with the buyer to close the deal. I’m not as attractive in the market, right now, as I need to be. Maybe

Take Ownership or Whine…

  I have a private office at a co-working space in Denver, and every time I walk by a television there’s some type of protest on CNN. It’s frustrating for those who bust ass day in and day out to see others who have nothing better to do these days