The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

How many millions of dollars in production is lost every year due to poor follow-up? Here’s what I know about business follow-ups. An object at rest will stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force. In sales, you must be that force. There are two main types of

Lead Generation Selling System

15-Lead Gen Categories to Play on Offense Each Week  During the first week of the program we helped you establish your 90-Day Sales Plan which consists of (1) a dominant sales focus; (2) weekly benchmarks; (3) weekly behaviors/activities that help you get closer towards your dominant focus. The thing about
Opportunity Statement

Turn Your “Pitch” into Money

Your World-Class Opportunity Statement What do you do for a living? It’s a simple question and the number one question we get asked in sales. But how you answer this question either differentiates you and your services, or groups you in with the thousands of others in your industry as
Sales Plan Activities

Part III: 90-Day Sales Plan Activities

Amateur vs. Professional Accountability What got us here won’t get us there. We all have “amateur” activities/behaviors we need to cut from our daily lives. Over the next 12-weeks together we will focus on getting you to 80 percent. We believe in progress over perfection. If we can do the
Sales Plan Benchmarks

Part II: 90-Day Sales Plan Benchmarks

Weekly Benchmarks tied to a Selling System Setting a number is the easy part. Putting a systematic plan into place to achieve that number is the challenging part. Let us walk you through our lead generation selling system that’s helped top producing agents all over the country consistently increase business.
90-Day Sales Plan

90-Day Sales Plan in 90-Minutes

*This is the first part of a three part series! It’s the start of a new year where everything is shiny, new, and polished. However, there will come a time during the course of 2018 when the inspiration wears off and internal motivation will need to take over. Today, we

Are You Asking for Enough Business?

We often get what we want in life by doing one simple thing—ASKING for it. Asking for more responsibility. Asking for more expansion. Asking for something bigger in life. In sales, we should always be asking for more business. We ask our training participants to make these four asks every

Why Challengers Produce More

There’s a misconception in sales that the “relationship-builder” is king. However, there’s sales research that shows that it’s actually the challenger style of selling that consistently produces more than all types of sales professionals. That’s because challengers know they are experts and aren’t afraid to call people on their fluff
5 Missing Gaps Blog

Missing Structures in Your Business

Over the past decade I’ve had the pleasure of coaching top producers from all walks of life. First as a career/author speaker to young professions. Next as a business professor in the Texas A&M system. Now as an entrepreneur trainer to producers ranging from one deal to $100+ million-dollars in
Probability word cloud, business concept

Sales is a Game of Probability

Probability in Sales When you study probability, you learn that anything can happen at any time. However, those who are most successful during long-periods of time have a disciplined focus. Since college football is right around the corner, let’s use them as an example. The reason the University of Alabama