90-Day Sales

for Mortgage & Banking

The mortgage industry is more commoditized than ever before. Come learn how to master the 5-habits of highly effective salespeople tied to daily virtual training and weekly live coaching.

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How many times a day or a week do you say,

“I need a system for that?”

A plan should be “easy on paper” and your business should almost be “boring” if you have the right structures in place.

However, 95% of salespeople have at least one of the following missing structures in their business:

  • Time Management
  • Follow-Up
  • Database Management
  • ​Digital Marketing
  • Scalability
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Prospecting
  • Objection Handling
  • Referral Strategy
  • ​Unique Value Proposition
  • Self-Marketing
  • and more

During this 90-Day Virtual Training Course, we’ll hold you accountable to building out the following systems:


  • 90-Minutes of Business Development

4-Hour Work Day

  • Onboarding Week

Habit #1

  • 2-Weeks (Bruce & Industry Expert)

Habit #2

  • 2-Weeks (Bruce & Industry Expert)

Habit #3

  • 2-Weeks (Bruce & Industry Expert)

Habit #4

  • 2-Weeks (Bruce & Industry Expert)

Habit #5

  • 2-Weeks (Bruce & Industry Expert)

Course in Confidence

  • 1-Week around your greatest asset

Graduation & Next 90-Days

  • 1-Week to Celebrate Success & Plan Ahead


What else is included with my purchase?

Workbook / Sales Planner / Virtual Training Platform

When you sign up for the 90-Day Sales program, you'll get a workbook and sales planner shipped directly to your doorstep along with instant access to our virtual training platform to get started right away.

  • Daily Workbook Content
  • 90-Day Sales Planner
  • 300+ Training Videos

Meet Your Coaches


Bruce Lund

Founder & Director
Expertise: Systems


Joey Abdullah

Certified Coach
Expertise: Mortgage


Ian Bennett

Certified Coach
Expertise: Mortgage

This program is a NO-BRAINER for this much value!

But don't just take our word for it...

Top influencers endorse our program


Nina Lampley

#1 Agent in Nashville


Eric Sachs

Co-Founder of BreakthroughBroker

This program is a NO-BRAINER for this much value!

But don't just take our word for it...

...LO's love our program!

"As a brand new loan officer, I went into this program not knowing what to expect. I was filled with all of the stress that comes with trying to figure out how to market myself and run my business. This program helped me discover who I was and how I am different from the person standing next to me. That has helped build better relationships and work with people that I actually want to work with. Before this program, I was very inconsistent with getting new loans. 60-days into the program, I already had my biggest month!"

Fabbiana Progar
"I highly recommend 90-Day Sales to anyone in the mortgage industry looking for accountability, structure, and a kick start for your business. I was nominated for Fairway's Rookie of the Year in 2018, and I attribute this program to my success! Completing the program allowed me to develop a strong selling system and provided me with the tools to keep me on track throughout the year. I am over year out of the program, and I continue to order the sales planner to keep myself accountable everyday."

Shelby Barrett
"This program is like no other that I’ve tried. Bruce is helping create the consummate sales professional! So many programs talk about the accountability piece, this one delivers. Business Mastery helps you design YOUR everyday life for success in any sales environment. This program is great for everyone but be prepared to do the work."

Ryan Liebelt
"This program was definitely a game changer for me. Over the course of the program, good habits were put into place, my days became very organized, and my business was structured, and my mindset was changed as well. This program definitely helped my business, helped me as a professional - and all in all helped me reach my goal of becoming a top producer!"

Galina Solonenko
"I took 90-Day Sales and am having the best quarter of my career! Bruce lays out detailed strategies and arms you with the tools to implement them immediately. From the sales techniques that allow you to "gamify" your daily activities, to the follow up process with clients once they are in your "Fight Club," there is no better program to jump start your career!"

Todd Barrett

What others says about the 90-Day Sales Plan:

"The best foundational business course on the planet." - Steven S.

"90-day sales isn’t a one time thing it’s a way of life on how to run your business." - Heidi S.

"These 5-habits are all you’ll ever need for the rest of your career." - Robin T.

"Managing my database and using my CRM has always been my biggest challenge. Not anymore thanks to the 90-day sales system." - Turner W.

"The 4-hour workday has truly changed my life and how I live proactively now." - Allen W.

"The daily sales planner and digital scoreboard makes sales FUN! I absolutely love this planner and will forever use." - Sean B.

"Having a daily coach and a community of people committed to their bigger future forces you to be accountable to yourself and the group." - Rachel R.

"90-Day Sales takes the guesswork out of what you should be doing in and on your business every day. It’s so refreshing." - Stacey S.

What others says about Habit #1: Opportunity Statement:

"I no longer go into conversations trying to convince other people I’m good enough." - Parke S.

"90-day sales isn’t a one time thing it’s a way of life on how to run your business." - Kim E.

"I now attract prospects to me because of my unique experiences married to my beliefs. Wow." - Fabbiana P.

"Most of us have positioned ourselves as a commodity our entire careers. Not me. Not anymore." - Sean G.

What others says about Habit #2: Selling System:

"The biggest challenge for newer sales people is knowing how and who to prospect. 90-Day Sales Manager takes the guesswork out." - Cheryl B.

"The weekly vision board not only gives me confidence headed into the week but it forces me to keep my CRM fresh in the process." - Bern R.

"I love the selling system Bruce has created. Having 10 categories of people to attack every week makes building a database fun and easy." - Ryan L.

What others says about Habit #3: Follow-Up System:

"I didn’t realize how weak my follow-up system was until I implemented the 90-Day Sales follow-up touches into my sales game." - Chad H.

"Once you learn sales is a game of probability you’ll see follow-up as an opportunity rather than an obligation." - Kelly R.

"Overcoming call reluctance has always been a big challenge for me. That was until Bruce taught me his fight club mindset for following up." - Ryan H.

"Building out an automated 90-day follow-up sequence decreases slippage in follow-up and drastically increases close-ratio." - Johanna S.

What others says about Habit #4: Client Onboarding:

"Being able to have a clear measurement for success with all new clients has been a game-changer for how I onboard my new clients." - Jenny G.

"I now see every day with my current client as an interview for my next. Bruce has given me permission to “work like I’m showing off” with my clients to be transformational." - Christy W.

"So many people give unique customer experience lip service. I now have a purpose behind my work and my customer service to go much deeper with clients." - Kristina R.

"It’s amazing how this program incorporates other well-known concepts into your business. Incorporating the 5 Love Languages into my 90-Day Onboarding was genius." - Kelsi F.

What others says about Habit #5: Entrepreneurial Spirit:

"When I heard the stat that people use the first person they talk to 67% of the time it really changed my perspective on my marketing and personal branding." - Julie Y.

"The 5-step process to become a person of influence and elevate your status in any community or industry is extraordinary. Be a must have vs. a nice-to-have." - James P.

"The amount of attention I’ve gotten just by implementing 90-Day Sales 1-3 marketing activities every day has been eye-opening. Who knew one or two more activities could make such a big difference." - Brandon H.