Corporate On-Campus

Team Sales Training

We are excited to launch our Corporate On-Campus model!

Let us bring our full 90-Day Sales Manager™ program directly to your office once a week for live in-person or virtual training with your entire team.

Host Other Agents on Your Campus

If you are a mortgage company or a title company then be sure to take advantage of our special offer to have real estate agents go through training with you and your team at a discounted rate.

What better way to add value to your real estate agents than to invite them to go through 90-Days of training with your team on your campus every week? This is a great way to train together, host events together, and, ultimately, do business together.

Perfect Program For

Mortgage Companies
Title Companies

90-Day Challenge

We understand that most sales managers and owners wear multiple hats, and often times can’t give the daily/weekly time and energy to training that most producers crave. Let us provide you with the daily accountability and content all tied to proven systems to increase productivity.

Manager Dashboard

We provide managers/owners with an automated weekly progress report of every team member’s sales activities and a monthly report card. We also track, in real-time, the completion of our 90-Day materials and content through our virtual training platform.

What's Provided

Daily Sales Accountability

  • Daily Sales Training Content
  • 300+ videos and pages of content
  • Daily Sales Exercises and Activities
  • 20-Minutes of Daily Virtual Training

Weekly Live Sales Training

  • Up to 2-hours of on-campus training
  • Customized team-specific content
  • Role Play with Trainer and Agents
  • Real Sales Calls & Follow-Ups

Real-Time Scoreboard

  • Online CRM System
  • Tracked Team Sales Activities
  • Weekly Activity Reports
  • Create healthy team competition

What Others Say

"Bruce’s 90-Day Sales program is PHENOMENAL. I joined his program to help leverage my own sales training. I went through it with three of my sales agents, and we came out more skilled in our follow-up systems and working with our top advocates. The best part was being able to dig deep into why we do what we do through interesting exercises. I will definitely go through the program again."
Erin Holloway

Erin Holloway

Holloway Home Group / Keller Williams Realty
"Being a rookie Loan Officer comes with a lot of anxiety and stress.  With the 90-Day Sales platform, I have been able to put a ton of structure and productivity into my day.  Not only has my short-term production increased during the program, but I have been able to put together processes to ensure long-term success.  Thank you so much Bruce for all your help and for this program!"
Christy Whaley

Christy Whaley

Loan Officer / American Pacific Mortgage
"Bruce's sales philosophy, coaching methods and mentorship program has changed how we view building relationships and growing a business. His coaching approach and the perspective he applies is unique and is what sets him apart from other coaches throughout the country. If you're someone that has the drive and commitment to grow your business, Bruce's 90 Day Sales Manager program will elevate your production levels extremely quickly."
Mark Shay

Mark Shay

Area Manager / Fairway Mortgage
"Bruce is extremely knowledgeable in the sales process. His education and professional experiences in addition to the daily, weekly, and monthly materials make this sales program top notch. Bruce was dedicated to my success; he set proper expectations; he was available when I had questions or needed help; held me accountable; and always had a great, upbeat attitude. I would recommend Bruce to anyone new to the sales world or looking to grow their entrepreneurial spirit."
James Plaskey

James Plaskey

CFP® Wealth Advisor / EWM
"The 90-day sales program has had a tremendously positive impact on my business. Bruce helped show us how to focus on high value activities that have helped me to grow my business, I have the confidence now to get out there and go for it! Bruce’s knowledge and expertise are hands down top notch.  He has a great understanding of the sales process and what it takes to get the job done.  I would recommend you taking 90 days to invest in yourself and your business."
Kelsi Fish

Kelsi Fish

Sales Executive / Chicago Title
"I've worked with Bruce for nearly two years. I find his approach to be very detailed and professional. Bruce has the heart of a teacher, and brings his PhD background to the sales coaching world. He is precise and on point with his sales message. He provides company leaders with reporting tools to keep everyone on the same page along with assessment on our up and coming agents. If you are seeking a strong, detailed coaching program for your new sales talent then Bruce is the guy."
Dan Elam

Dan Elam

Owner / Elam Real Estate
"This program gave me the confidence I lacked when asking for business. In addition to the online platform, Bruce made himself available for one-to-one coaching throughout. 90-Day Sales developed my Explanation of Services, which pushed me to get in front of as many people as possible. As a result, I quickly gained new referral partners, and by month #3 had the highest production of my career. I cannot say enough great things about Bruce and the program he has created."
Bern Ramsey

Bern Ramsey

Loan Originator / Fairway Mortgage
"90-Day Sales creates a boost in production and a different way of thinking.  As a sales professional it’s easy to have the ideas, but until you follow-thru with them there's no improvement. This program forces you to be accountable on a daily basis. This leads to an immediate increase in sales.  I've been through other coaching programs, and this is far more intense. It’s because of that intensity you see so much growth.  I'll recommend this training to all of my new hires.  Thanks for all the help Bruce!"
Ryan Liebelt

Ryan Liebelt

Sales Manager / Fairway Mortgage
"Having worked in financial services for over 10 years, I was excited to see what 90-Day Sales could do for my business. Bruce helped breakdown deeper obstacles that were holding me back, and obtain a fresh outlook and confidence. Wherever you are in your career, it’s never too late to make sure you're operating with an entrepreneurial mindset. Bruce helped me organize and structure around these systems that often become stale and cluttered after years of lacking focus."
John Oliver

John Oliver

Financial Advisor / Executive Wealth

Guaranteed Growth!

90-Day Sales Manager™ is a sales onboarding and entrepreneur training program for producers in real estate, mortgage, and title. Graduates of the program consistently double production with many having their “best months ever” due to daily accountability, weekly benchmarks, and monthly evaluations.

Our daily videos and workbook content tied to sales activities have been described as the P90X of sales training. Founder and director, Dr. Bruce Lund, prides the program on being a true educational experience for participants to be the best at what they are best at. For individuals to differentiate in a commoditized world.

We combine daily virtual training with weekly group, in-person training where participants grow together and do business together as a community of learners.

Bruce Lund 90-Day Sales Manager


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