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How to Become a Highly-Effective Salesperson

Webinar by Dr. Bruce Lund


What this webinar is all about:

Hi, I’m Dr. Bruce Lund. If you’re like me, you thought you were going to be the world’s best salesperson when you first started. But what happened?

“Stuff” got in the way. Eventually, that great salesperson became just an average one. Maybe even mediocre, if you’re honest.

What if I could teach you how to focus on the right things and become the great salesperson that you always dreamed of?

(Hint: I can!)

I have a proven framework that is simple to follow and easy to plug into your business and life. It’s the same framework I use every single day in my business.

It’s called the 5-Habits of Highly-Effective Salespeople.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  1. How to Turn Your Beliefs and Unique Value into Money
  2. How to Be Proactive and Productive in Your Prospecting
  3. How to Follow-Up Like a Pro to Close More Deals
  4. How to Onboard New Clients and Gain Referrals for Life
  5. How to Create a World-Class Marketing Machine

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Dr. Bruce is one of the most in-demand speakers in housing, banking, insurance, financial services.

For over a decade, Dr. Bruce has trained thousands of salespeople and managers. Dr. Bruce’s coaching journey began as a 25 year-old career author and speaker. He finished his PhD in Human Performance at 29, and became one of the youngest program directors in the Texas A&M system. He was then recruited back into corporate America as VP for a business coaching company, helping grow annual revenue over $2 million in less than two years.

In 2017, Dr. Bruce launched 90-Day Sales Manager, which has earned the reputation as a top sales onboarding program in housing, banking, insurance, and financial services. Dr. Bruce has spoken on some of the largest stages in North America including the Los Angeles Convention Center and Million-Dollar Roundtable. His content is featured on the most-respected platforms in the world including Breakthrough Broker with 600,000 users and MDRT with 65,000 members. The next big thing in training is here, his name is Dr. Bruce.

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